Sanction Gin Navy Strength 70cl

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57% Navy Strength Sanction Gin is heavy and captivating on the nose and earthy and sweet on the palate. The citrus flavour combines perfectly with the herbs and roots, yet the cardamom find its way through without taking any special prominence over the other botanicals.

This is the latest vairant of out best selling gin.  Still the same tast profile but 57% abv!!

Sanction Gin based in Sedgefield Co Durham started in Tehran in February 2016, the month after the UK travel sanctions were lifted, the owner was visiting the country on the hunt for key ingredients. Unbeknown to many, the best ingredients for Gin making in the world can be found in some of the most ‘interesting’ countries to visit, such as Almonds from Iran, Angelica root from Russia, Cardamom from India and Cassia bark from Hong Kong. Sanction Gins owners visited all the above countries and many more to build their botanical list, and on the morning of the EU referendum, the 23rd June 2016, whilst sat in Madrid airport about to board a flight home, they thought enough was enough, and registered a company and called it Gin Without Borders. The company has one simple aim, to highlight the flavours of the world, and bring them all together, in an ultra-premium, ultra-inclusive London Dry Gin.
The botanical list was then handed over to none other than 8th generation master distiller, Charles Maxwell of Thames distillers, who in our opinion, has created a very complex and mature flavour within Sanction Gin, delivering a full body on the mouth and a long aftertaste.

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