Rochelt Annia's Gin 35cl

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Annia's Gin is based on Rochelt's Gravenstein apple brandy, which is left to mature for up to 10 years.  This is in contrast to many other gins, which are basedon neutral industrial alcohol.  Only when the Gravenstein apple brandy has reached the perfect degree of maturation and releases it's concentrated fine fruit flavours do they combine it with the bittersweet juniper and carefully distill this mixture one more time.  During this process the complex aromas fuse to form a smooth harmony that gives Annia's Gin it's special character.  This delightfull gin comes in one of the best bottles out there, along with a presentation box, booklet and a metal pouring stopper and lid.  A beautifully designed package.

Origin: Austria

ALC: 50%

VOL: 35cl

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